Lyrics : Superficial

I don't even like you
Don't know what i been through
Love don't benefit me
That sh*t's superficial
Sold my soul i'm all alone
And i have to suffer on my own
Taken i do not even condone
Put me in this dark world should of known
Sins that i regret please
Want to sacrifice me
And i'll take it gladly
I won't have to suffer
All this f**king pain here

Yhur , All this f**king pain
Tired of , So depressed
Wanting more , I want less
I ain't sad , I'm just stressed
Play my mind , Like its chess
In a law just wanting to progress
Said she tired of feeling so useless
Demons near acting all clueless
Want our soul but i am not foolish
Triple 6 , Slit her wrist
Shawty laugh , Hypocrite
Feel insane , No more pain
Reminisce , Blow my brain