Lyrics : Call Grandma (Skit)

Hello young lady
It's your grandson Amir
Amir, Amir
You got so many grandkids you don't even
How you been hun?
I'm fine, how you?
I'm fine [?] fine
How you - How you been though? You staying in the house? You staying safe?
Oh yeah I've been in here hun, going to work and stuff is terrible
Mhmm, but you got food and stuff? You good?
Oh yeah I got food yeah [?] they let in one person at a time
Oh serious?
It was though [?]
Good, good, good, good, good
Good I'm glad to hear that
I just wanted to make sure you was okay Grandma
Yeah thanks for calling [?] you take care of yourself
I will, I will
And then kiss the baby for me
I will
I love you
Love you too
Okay bye