Lyrics : LMFAO

I look at what y’all say my comp is
It’s hard to find it, no compass
So many that rhyme, just no content
They lack the soul plus the content
The people, they want me to rock this
International crowds know who Savant is
Can’t tell ‘em or seen or what the plot is
Thirsty rap cats waiting for my script
Leave me alone, get out my inbox
So I can plot on how to save hip-hop
Pioneers can’t do it ‘cause they just stopped
Too dated in they think and they ish flop
Man, it’s hard to describe just how it feels seeing your idols getting dissed by the young dumb like the ish hot when it’s just not then they call it hip-hop, I be

I be laughing my ass off
I be laughing my ass off

Can they catch me, yo?
I’ma just say no
Tryna be the old me, l-m-f-a-o
While I morph to the chords, they adjust they flow
And those [?] while [?]
I’m a product of a modest upbringing ’til I moved to the house on the hill, chill
Ghetto fabulous what my status is
know the deal for real
Skipping school, I used to hit the booth
Rock the nightclub while you gettin’ boos
I get my love while you gettin’ boozed
And everybody know the rules, I never lose
I do it for love and never quit it
So those who hate will never get it
You know I’m the one, just admit it
So if you dissin’, listen, I’m just in here