Lyrics : Slumber

I wonder
I slumber
Another nail in my palms
I fiend that darkness

Whittled down to depths deceived
Crave more darkness, it's the only relief
No sleep, no heat, they provide all I need

Grey pictures it's fine, I hate saturation
Smite me apart, please I am complacent
An agenda? No, child, it's in your mind

Thought you could save me
I wish you could
Blacken it
Sail away

A spider wanders
Through my mind
Let me sleep

Low life, I'm callin' upon you again
Feed sleep right to my scepter
I need your everything, I need your every picture
I fiend that friction between our touches
That longing for something, oh no, I'm spiralling again

Oh lord, oh lord, don't make examples out of me
I seek, I feel, I reap the little that I can see

Wittled down to depths decieved
Crave more darkness, it's the only relief
No sleep, no heat, they provide all I need

And all I cried for
Was lost
So let me die
Let me fly