Lyrics : The Book of otaku Cypher

Chopper just came with a beam, so I might put an X to these n***as
Ernesta the way I be checking these n***as cause AR-D put techs on these n***as
I can't even talk about checks with these n***as, it's hard to invest with these n***as
I'm calling him Luffy, he think he a king, but it might be a stretched for these n***as, I'm not impressed with these n***as
Uh, me and Chrollo got it handled
I just got my dog a whip, I just Chrollo in a Phantom
If he stepping in my kicks, then toe to toe you settling tramplеd
And verses on demand for all thе flows that's getting chanelled
And shorty lemme nail and then I'm getting cursed out, toxic ass b*t*h and she got a worse mouth
If he step to my domain all the weapons gonna rain, see the green is not the same, I'ma take his turf out
And that n***as talking stupid on me, but wanna step into the Loop like it's a Tsukuyomi
I'm burning houses with these verses, I'm the new Kotomi and it's kinda like Vegeta, how they do they homies, I can't let a fool control me

Oh, look, it's the return of the kings
My chopper Adele, I c*ck it back and let that b*t*h sing
I'm more than a fiend, Jin Mori when I step in the ring
I only need three hits like it's Lord of the Rings, ha
You better catch on before you get the explosions
Every single line hit like timeskip is the motion
I'm just living my dreams while y'all go through the motions
That's why haters more salty than the whole f**king ocean

I feel like a prince, I'm flying like Yuno legit or more like a Demon in Mist
I stay with the hits, a god when writing these lists or the cap when I carry these Sins
I'll make it and dip, Gon and I'm Ging, but really your Yamcha levels won't assist
I walk like the king, you're stuck on Goliath and Shiz, watch me Attack On a Titan and win
Genji, I might cybernetic slash them
Renji, if they were looking for action
Deadly, Dabi when they turn to ashes
Friendly, water style cut em like fractions
See how they act out of fear
Scorpion when I tell them to get over here
I'm really so sorry, I do not revere
You been weeb for a month, I'm Otaku for years
I'm playing Sonic Advance
Know that I keep Game Boy in my hands
Young Weaboo and you don't understand
Don't take you serious, I'm One Punch Man
In a Gundam flying right through Japan
Sipping on Ramune with all my friends
Rocket League, yeah, I'm in it to win
New skin for my Nintendo Switch
Feeling like Natsu cause I'm on a mission
Street Fighter be the way that we kick it
Initial D how I start up the engine
J Pop, got it all in my playlist
I got a darling, yeah, she in the Franxx
Baker man better put him in the ranks
Food Wars how I be getting cake
Beast on the record like it's NBA

Hop in this b*t*h like Double O Diver
Barbatos sh*t, I won't leave no survivors
Swing on you b*t*h, Valklander with fire
Star winning sh*t you can watch me go higher
So Unicorn and I got that Transam
Double O Gundam coming in with big hands
f**k on yo b*t*h, turn her into a Gundam fan
Getting a big head like my name is Big Zam
Gripping with the metal like Ginga
I'm kicking fire, I feel like I'm Shinra
Like Sakamoto, they won't figure out my demeanor
I stomp your face with my sneakers
I am a Titan, leaving your city enlightened, got royal blood like I'm Dina
Flow like Poseidon, it is my wave that they riding, claim they can't see me, like Cena, aye
Ladies they treat me like Tamaki Suou
They going crazy, know Yuno?
They be the type just to leave your top red just like Cthuko
Or they might burn you, know Zuko?
Yea yea, they think I'm fire, how I chop it up like Escanor
I stay in my bag, so what you stressing for? Uh, aye

I look up to that Mir Cat cause I just be rapping
My homies will smith you just cause you keep acting
Choppa weigh seven pounds, let's get to blasting
Hoe, I ain't no robot, you wish like Aladdin
Forget all the b*t*hes, it's money beforehand
Balls just like tennis, she stroke with her forehand
Got too much money, I might just need four hands
Double C got me, he's more than a doorman
These pussies like Blueface God
I'm a dream chaser that's Scru Face Jean
Itadori, how they acting Two-Faced
Box a pu**y up and tie his body, lace it like a shoelace
I'm a Broly, how I pull up to the spot with an X on my chest
Konoha sh*t and I rap with the vest
JC and Chrollo, we next on the list
My opps think I'm Gojo, I'll leave em impressed
Anime binging turn on the TV
I can't wait for summer, I wanna swim Free
Call me a Hunter, it's time that I seek
The Bizarre Adventure that's waiting for me
Gotta get a husbando like Bruno
Ex-friends call me crazy like Yuno
Leave em behind as I step on the boat
Keep annoying me, soon you're in my Death Note
I'd rather just stay inside
No need for an Isekai
Darling the night has flown by
Wake up, go back to part-time
I'm an Otaku, I know
But with goals like Naruto
But my patience has gone thin
I'm going back to my Binge

Adola to all of my verses
I move like an exorcist touting my curses
But still holding men a fight, with me it's worthless
A mistletain kick to your dome is so vicious
Your form and techinque looking kinda suspicious
Tensaiga yo throat when you talking like Beerus
Jigoku my Shoujo, she carries yo spirits
Beyond the Eight Gates is where you'll finish ya living
Isekai me a Woppher, my hunger deminish
Tanjiro to my demons, I'm slaying they vanquish
Wait, switch up the flow Asagiri
Move with the jungle, not Hikkimori
I be hanging with Inko before lipo surgery
But I'm watching the clock as if my name is Nanami
Mind is on Esdeath, I'm thinking like Frieza
My soul meta coola get blown to the either

Like I had all the Dragon Balls, wish a n***a would when I pull up on the track
Say you want smoke, but you're too b*t*h made like Zenitsu, but when I sleep you, then you will not attack
I was made in the abyss, so you know where I'm at
Whip like Tokoyami, so it's covered all black
When I make a hit hit, then I bring it all back
With a time skip skip, yeah, I'm spitting all facts
And I got the drip drip Tanjiro with a mask
You can check my wrist wrist, ice is what I never lack
b*t*h, I'm Aokiji, they all freeze up when they see me
And still they all wanna be me
It's GODZ, call me the Don, sh*t's getting lit up the moment I'm on
I have arrived, so you know what I'm bout and I know they gon miss me the moment I'm gone yeah

Demons on me and we stay at the crib, there's nothing but lanes where you stay at
I promise you nothing but killers assassins, getting the bounty with green cash
Bakugo blow up the scene, huh
Yandere, my girl, Ah Fein, huh
Dead bodies, know that I seen some
Like I'm Piccolo special with beams, huh
Rolling with my gang, is not easy, wait
I get the chick and it's greezy, wait
I get it, they don't believe me
Tell by the tone of my voice when I'm speaking
God speed slide right through, then I'm shocking the block
Had a couple n***as try to wet me, but I slide with the mop
Could've swear I saw a couple n***as try to die for my guap
Hit em with the special move, now these n***as know who on top
Godslayer n***a had to pull up with the big mac
n***a had to ride with the paint, but I don't feel that
Head hunter tried to pull up, but he got peeled back
Gurren Lagen with the big mac drill that!
But when I speak on the beat they gon' feel that
Hanging outside of the whip and they gone get smacked
Huh, wait! Trash ass n***a trying to give me some feedback
Bullets out the side the Elantra when I feel that
Yo verses sounding like filler and we do not need all that recap
Back on the table that's filled up with money and lil n***a better watch where you reach at
Still keep the sh*t tight kinda like Ah wave cap
Running the game since the beginning, man, that's way back
Thinking that you better than me? Better say that
Yo sh*t like Dug Dimadone big cap

I'm comin' for your life like a Samurai
Ichi, ni, san, shi, equals juu, right?
Ain't nobody here can beat me in a Titan fight
I be spittin' bars in your face like it's a hentai
I be throwing hands as big as Allen Walker's fist
Crushin' all my inner demons like an exorcist
Checking off all of my haters like a grocery list
b*t*h, I'm rockin' with Saitama if you catch my drift
You know I'm right, I know I'm right
I'm as right as L when he knew that that b*t*h was Light
Going Beasts Mode like Inosuke in the dead of night
In the spotlight every day like I am All Might
Getting bigger every day like I'm Mount Lady
All them jealous b*t*hes sayin' I be shady
When we talking don't you say I'm your baby
Cause I'll curse you out like a witch, call me crazy

Hyakkimaru, how I'm armed with the metal
I'm not finna settle, I get to the cake like I'm Hansel or Gretel
And eat it like Big Mom, big bomb
Team with the rockets, we lift off
Drift off, I get money, you get p*ssed off
Super Saiyan on my wristwatch, yuh
On my wave, you better get off, yuh
On his block, he getting chipped off, yuh
Cannon fodder getting picked off, wait, that boy fodder, so I'm loading the cannon
Calamity coming, I'm feeling like Ganon, this green on my body, I'm fresh outta Namek
You fresh outta options, blade on me Seiya, you shiesty, you better be cautious
Spitting that heat, I'm a Titan Colossus, Inazuma, we ain't taking no losses

You don't wanna scrap with the kid
Finger tapping yo chicks like a trigger, no Patty and Liz
Smile in the face of you clowns that was gassing my sh*t
If you cap like a fact you get checked
Yeah, boy thought he hot like a Hashira
I guess I'm Akaza, Nezuko box em up
Chain round my neck like I messed with Kurapika
Nine to yo chest like you set for Karasuno
Deku, got green on my mind, crosshair put the piece to yo mind, now you really Go Beyond
See two thotties and surely I got em calling one look and they finna listen, how you think I need a Geass, b*t*h?
Motherf**ker said the lean not hitting, the purple finna leave you slumped like a Gojo hollow
Choso, got em bloody, now they Jogo noggin, straight flame at they brain, man, no more problems, dawg

Look into my domain, I'm smoking on the resin
See the amber's how they burnin', superficially impressive
Now we higher than Dvalin, I ain't even need to stress it
Laying lines up on your b*t*h un case I need another session
I been harder than Adamas, do I even need a reference?
Fists are coming like a comet when you feel the demon's presence
I'm a god among the top and all the opps beneath the peasants
Will I stop, prolly not, so I'm gonna need the next contestant

Said she wanted my Initial D
Sorry, I move too fast, never put it in P
Hit reverse, get erased like our history
When we were kids, so now she ain't sh*t to me
Rappers want to get smashed, know I'm always down B
Throw you off of my stage if you rap around me
They like hentai tentacles wrapped around me
Tryna fill my holes, I fill em with holes, now they bleed
You looking like a Belmod, a clown on the beat
You still getting old, my hair's Ultra Instinct
So you faker than Mister Satan with the power to compete
Taking BLM out your bio for your album release
I pound you like meat, this a Food War at least
Cause I get more bread, you get girls with the yeast
On a cypher I'm beast like Zeke, but with geeks
The one's for the Otakus, but Wee B the elites