Lyrics : Let It Go

She’s on what she’s on
I want what I want
She’s goin' lead me on
I can’t turn it off
She’s gonna love me long
& I can’t let it go
Can’t let it go
Oh no, no no
Oh no, no no
No no, no no
Oh no, oh no (oh)

(Yea, LilTruth)
Girl, when I came out the booth, I came here to shoot
You question me and ask around like who (who?)
Can’t lie to me, baby I’m the Truth (the truth)
I know you’re bout' the money bags, the loot
Girl you know what I want, when I want it
Ain’t gotta ask how you got it
Always ask why you flaunt it
Cuz love is at a cost (yea, yea)
I been here had the sauce
And I’m takin' no loss