Lyrics : Emotionally Scarred (Remix)

LeeBoy on the track
NLE, Top Shotta, got the bomb like Al-Qaeda
Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, wo-o-woah-woah, oh, oh (Top Shotta)
I been goin' since y'all (Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, woah-oah)
I been goin' since y'all
Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, wo-o-woah-woah, oh, oh

Ayy, I wrote a love letter to a
Tore it, then I ripped it up
Been a long time lookin' for love, but I'm givin' up
If I ain't hard on a - that mean that I don't give a
Emotionally scarred by my past, I think I'm outta luck
I need love, so she hit me different when - start trippin'
All these drugs in my body, tryna cope, this pain I'm feelin'
See, these slugs in my mouth when I smile, but I feel empty
And for the love, for my child I ain't blow the
I don't want the - and dime-a-dozen
Just want one - for me
How you go from ridin' like you love it?
Now you sayin
Wе be scared to open up to еach other, so we have troubles
Two different worlds, you a queen, but I'm comin' straight out the gutter
Back in the days, I was plottin' a bag, you would have to have it
I changed my ways, I was thuggin' and ratchet somethin' like a savage
When I'm smashin', you be scratchin' my back and you - the mattress
Now you changin', what's the tactic?
I'm askin' you, "Where we stand?"