Lyrics : Dinerøø - “Kids” (Prod. NightMare)

Dinerøø - "Kids" (Prod. NightMare)


Dinerøø Verse
Bought a nickle bag got dat sh*t from deon
If lil bro on yo ass you a peon
Wack a opp den speed off in a Nissan
She wanna give me neck but ion got the time for it
I'm finna drop this b*t*h off I got the time for it
I just scammed a white ass n***a named Tom Ford
n***as wanna fight me because I f**ked his b*t*h
Had to let dat b*t*h go she couldn't take the d**k
n***as f**ked up ina crib eating bacon bits
n***as tried to rob me tried to take my sh*t
Till I came back wit my mask then hit a lick
Came thru the back door he ain't know it was me
Came in like CJ off san andreas with da heat
n***as wanna hop on my song dats a fee
Bad b*t*h wanna f**k the whole gang except me
Cuz I told her dat her pu**y stank and its weak
I just carroled a n***a juice now his stomach hurtin
I just f**ked this b*t*h so hard now her stomach hurtin
n***as mad up at me because his pockets hurtin
I just spit that g to his main b*t*h now she flirting
Threw some bandz at her ass dat sh*t got her twerkin
You got fired from yo job cuz you never workin
Shorty said she wanna link up with me up in person
I just beat a n***a ass knocked em out in person
Matter fact I pulled up to the n***a house
I yelled out the window dat n***a didn't even come out
3 day later n***as calling him a mickey mouse
He mustve told on a n***a yeah ratted em out
Dats the type of n***a you dont won't ina yo house
Police kicked down the door I had to run out da house
I just f**ked a bad ass b*t*h ona couch
Her name Tyra Banks I'm mad I kick her out
n***as out here d**k sucking for some clout
Beat a n***a ass after that stomp em out
The plug just called said he bought him a new gun
I got runtz for the low on my manz who want some
Pay for the pu**y then i'm gone ion want none
Bad b*t*h said she wanna go she like bring yo gun
I be running from the police they gotta gun
I know they gone chase me down the street but they can't run
He went to jail for a week turnt to a honey bun
Whole squad finna beat yo ass ain't no one on one
By myself against yo squad gone be a one on one
If the opps in the party everybody getting stomp
She tried to f**k my cousin like Carlton and Will
Had to throw her ass out the crib like uncle Phil
b*t*h irritating ion give a f**k how you feel
Keep crying to me like that sh*t gone let her in
Im finna f**k dis lil b*t*h and make her back bend
Im finna record dis song wit a bunch of adlibs
Im finna f**k dis b*t*h so hard and break her ribs
Im finna f**k dis b*t*h so hard and have sum kids