Lyrics : Jump Force


Verse 1:
Somebody get me some clippers, I'm fighting these villains, I'm taking out Blackbeard
Now they be calling me Luffy cause I am the one that be hitting the Max Gear
Nem is my brorher like Sabo, we killing the game like we catching a body
Yeah we be winning and cooking and kicking it like we were hanging with Sanji

Everyone think I'm immortal, they callin me Zoro, you really don't want it with me
You got one weapon? I'm poppin with three, I am literally armed to the teeth
I say that is really something to see
This ain't no bluff like a Billy Goat, really doe
You gotta go and find a better team
Cause I'm Piccolo charging up my special beam

Shotgun with the fist and got a spirit gun inside his hand
Told you I got shooters, Urimeshi is my trigger man
Keep this on the low side, but I also got Battosai
And they can take you out in the blink of an eye, better keep them both wide

No time to wait, we jumpin right in
And I'm a keep my cool like Aizen
Do you really want to step into the fight man?
I got a howl that's fiery lightning
Underestimated my sword play, you better bow down you better obey
You can stretch out because you ate fruit? Weird flex but OK