Lyrics : On My Mind

She like the way I sweet talk
Gucci made another line, I gotta restock
I got all the keys, I got the game on padlock
My n***a Wheezy, you know what I'm saying?
b*t*h, I'm lit like a lighter with a matchbox (Yeah, I'm lit)
Pour a 6, make her watch me sleepwalk
Rather die than let somebody make my chain pop
My young boy never hesitate to slap it, he got shellshocked
Girl, I'll do a lot for you but I cannot commit
I been doin' lots of things wrong, I must admit
I'm from the trap, I do a secret knock when I come in
I ain't had to rob nobody, I'll still hit a lick
Keep my beats all for myself, no, I do not submit
I heard that my ex b*t*h salty, hopin' that I quit
But I won't stop, no
Dodge a thot ho
Bentley dodgin' potholes
Need the money pronto

I can't go back to the basics
Smokin' in my spaceship
Runnin' outta patience
Killers on a grave shift
Get the bag and I split
Sometimes, I get to feelin' overwhelmed with this sh*t