Lyrics : Holding Feelings

What if I end up with you
And all of this time, it’s been you
And all of the worries we had
About not knowing if somethings true
Well girl lately I’ve been going crazy
Thinking my feelings are out of control
‘Cause there's no reason to say we isn’t
No reason to say we ain’t
What if what you’re looking for has been right here all the time

Girl I’ve been holding feelings
Girl i’ve been holding feelings
And i’m saying now ‘cause girl I gotta know
Girl I gotta know
Girl I been holding feelings

So let me just explain a bit
‘Cause you was always there when I needed to explain some sh*t
And I don’t wanna say it
‘Cause I don’t wanna ruin something good as our relationship
No, I don’t wanna pay that price of getting close
Then leaving ‘cause I didn’t get the timing right
And they gon’ say we isn't and that it can't be real
But f**k what they gon’ say, baby, just tell me how you feel