Lyrics : Put it on ya

If you really wanna party with me
Put all your bands where my eyes could see
And I’ma put it on ya
I’ma put it on ya
Show me that stuntin’ ain’t nothing
Ice cubes in my drink we be clubbin’
Ooh baby know you want this good lovin’
Ain’t no frontin’ just keep it one hundred
I’ma put it on ya

Ugh, always doing big thangs
Ugh, feelin’ higher than the Sistine
Ugh, in the club all eyes on me
No cap thick booty thick thighs on me
Ay, celebrate like my birthday
We be sippin’ champagne cause we thirsty
I ain’t really tryna stress about my workday
Now give me this now give me that
I want everything

Aye ya ya ya
Everybody tryna take a piece of my pie
Aye ya ya ya
Bottles up high throw the cash in the sky