Lyrics : That’s Stupid

Rad SML Thumbnails
Rad SML Thumbnails
Brr, brr
Aye, come on, let’s go, what?

A lot of drama been going on
I had a hate page about me
What the f**k going on?
You got Blink calling Devin a Angry Bird
Yet he is old and he [?] curse words, b*t*h
There’s a reason I say “don’t save the comment”
Because this album was planned during the drama
Just search my name on YouTube
“Rad Rant” is all you see on YouTube

Look, Let’s talk about Gabriel
You really are Gay-briel
You hate gay people
Yet you call yourself bisexual
Look, I’ma leave the dummy in the closet
You leaked your own address
But I have the gun loaded

Okay, time for Calem since you "don’t use bots"
You in denial even though you just got caught
You got 1k before Idea Dude
Yet he makes better thumbnails than you
Then “Is It Just Me?” look, alright “Is It Just Hate?”
You bitter ass people, get your priority straight
I laughed at all the comments
I laughed at all the hate
I’m laughing and I said “Y’all just get [?]”
I’ma [?]
Two [?] on your little phone thing
We not gon’ talk about Craig
He is irrelevant

Let’s just change the topic
Before somebody get p*ssed
If Logan does something for me
Can’t even say “thank you”
They say I’m bragging, yeah go cry
Boo hoo

Why do y’all keep bringing up that Asian sh*t
said “n***a, y’all ain’t even cancel him?”
Jeffy The Rapper, and many more
But y’all care about a 13 year old more
That’s stupid
That’s motherf**king, real f**king stupid