I, I said I didn't
I said I really ain't wanna do the deluxe thing, man, but you know
I'm ready to put out some, some new-new
Show these n***as what I do-do (n***as ain't f**kin' with me)
Blame it on Baby
Deluxe (Firzt on the track, not Baby)

Billboard Baby, what's happenin'? (What up?)
These hoes wanna f**k 'cause I'm rappin' (Yeah)
I had to drop the deluxe
Yup, I went up, got 'em uppin' they standards (Let's do it)
Blow at a n***a, no candle (Boo)
Ho-ass lil' n***a, can't stand him (Can't stand him)
Still ain't met me a ho I can't handle (Go)
These lil' n***as my sons like I'm Sampson

Yroom (Let's go)
Baby just landed on a G4 (A G)
And y'all ain't even seen a n***a turnt yet (Turnt up)
My favorite song on here is probably "PEEP HOLE" (Woo)
Pass your boy the rock, I got the hot hand (I'm hot)
Like Shaq when he was hittin' at the free throw (Mmm)
Got it on me, got it like it's legal (Yeah)
I bought it cash, I could've got the lease, though (Yeah)
Quarter-million dollars in the backpack (Ooh)
Y'all gon' make a n***a bring the trap back (Okay)
I let her throw that ass back (Go)
Pullin' on her hair, she call me dada (Uh)
sh*ttin' on these n***as, turn the fan on (Pfft)
You really gettin' money, put your mans on (Roof)
I stand on what I stand on (Go)
You f**kin' or you stayin' in the friendzone? (b*t*h)