Lyrics : Tunnel Vision

Bang in peace to Ray Jones
We named the block after blood 'cause he the one that died there
I see you, Top Shalotta
G-O-D, n***a, we was from there to the yellow store sellin' hella stones (Yeah, DB, n***a, Green Store)
TP, had sh*t bunkin' (Taco Rico, 12th)
Tyese and Keefy was goin' brazy (4)
Yeah, free my lil' brother Jigga, n***a
18th, Temple Park

Gang related signal, lemon squeeze on the nickel
Your cookies ain't official, we ain't come from thumbin' thizzle
b*t*hes be in love with me probably 'cause of the dimples
Finna bust all on her lacefront all off the dribble
How you n***as eatin' but won't let your partner nibble?
Treat him like a peasant, he gon' pop you for them fiddles (Dork)
Racin' to this chicken in your baby mama rental
Ain't nobody f**kin' with Mozzy from Macramento
This the Middles, face card platinum around this ho
Retarded with me, so you know that my passenger finna blow
That's for sure, my life like a movie, lil' baby, hear me out
They caught me in front of Stanford, tried to air me out
Had to return the favor, dropped a fair amount
District attorney 'nem been tryna tear me down
Like I'm the reason why they murder case was carried out
It's overwhelming, lost the only one I cared about (On God)
The pain run deeper than what it usually do (Yeah)
If you my brother, f**k them n***as that ain't bool with you (That ain't bool with you)
To love one unconditionally is bulletproof
The way I prayed, I knew my partner 'nem was pullin' through (Uh)
AMG and red Forgis when I'm pullin' through
This just to motivate the youngins, really come from nothin'
Post-traumatic stress, we really suffer from it (We really suffer from it)
I'm haunted by my past, but I ain't runnin' from it (I ain't runnin' from it)
I miss you, Miss Levine, yeah, that's my mother mom
It was times she tried to save me from this Vietnam
I still be feelin' guilty 'bout my granny death (Why?)
Ain't get to spend the time I wanted 'fore my granny left (Damn)
Even if you n***as cross me, I don't love you less
You did what I expect and I have no regrets
Never sell my soul for a check
Separate his body from his soul for the set (n***a)
Hundred K in carats just to throw around her neck
I did it 'cause I was high, f**k a flex
Lord have mercy on all the children in the 'jects
For they not know who slangin' that iron gon' affect
Could cry you a river just from the thoughts as I reflect
Politicians and people, it's an evident disconnect
Say it's about this paper, just pay me and come correct
'Posed to be my big dawg, how you hate on success?
Change my number, never text, and call it tunnel vision
Ain't no way you love your K if you don't cuddle with it
Ayy, change my number, never text, and call it tunnel vision
Ain't no way you love your K if you don't cuddle with it