Lyrics : G Route

Ooh, ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh

Move from the cave to the beach front
Still tryna fly P's out
Thankin' God, I took the G route
They respect it, we don't need clout
Had to grind to get my tee out
Quin the MVP now, these n***as ain't 'bout what we 'bout
When it's cold, we bring the heat out
They killin' us with our hands up
We just tryna run our bands up
And I was taught to man up
Knock 'em down if n***as stand up
But they didn't understand us
It's nothin' they cand hand us
Lotta snakes get in the way
'Cause n***as hatin' that I ain't regular, I'm fed up

I be kidnappin' cabbage, duffle baggin' it up
I got the Mossberg in the crib, could fill up gas with this punk (We on)
I pulled up, and they like, "Sir, please, put the bags in the trunk" (Let's do it)
I said, "The engine in the back, let's put the bags in the front (Come on)
See we was out there in the streets, the paper slow with the job
Drop the roof upon the Beam, I feel closer to God
I got a hoe but she like b*t*hes, we might have a ménage
And I roll with the squad like fisherman, I'm exposin' the road
I shot the ground but never spoke it (We on)
It's my time and n***as know it (I promise)
n***as propably think I'm coachin', how these plays get put in motion (We gone)
I can't help but I was chosen
We ain't movin' off emotion (At all)
All these diamonds got me frozen
Now I'm ballin' like DeRozan
I be feelin' like I'm Pac or like I'm Big or somethin'
Maybe even Snoop, I really smoked more dope than Wiz or somethin'
Call me Dr. Phil, a couple bills to take his kids or somethin'
I just play dumb, I'm numb but still act like I'm feelin' somethin', uh