Lyrics : Y U

I'm semi, I stay automatic
What the f**k, ay
What the f**k, uh

Why you, tryna' front for us
Make a couple bags, now they wanna f**k wit' us
I do the dash when I hit them wit' the double pump
I run it back, when you hear me, wanna turn it up

Take a d**k in the back of the mouth
Do the dash
Makin' cash
Now she droppin' it South
Hit a lick, punch a b*t*h in the mouth
Run it back, then I brag
'Bout the money I found, ooh
Yeah, it's pagin' doctor pipe a b*t*h
I eat the pu**y, like some fruit you know it's ripe and sh*t
I got an urge to take your b*t*h, you know I'm fighting it
You here me spittin', you quittin' it, cuz it's frightening
Like a lesbian
Strap staying on it, uh
I'm Staying Strapped
So shoutout Nugget and Prophet (Stay Strapped)
Shoutout Maximus Paddington he be flossin'
The Wifi Free so change the password to nothin', uh