Lyrics : Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day

Your precious sweetheart, she is so faithful
She is so true, oh yeah
Her dreams are tumbling
Her world is crumbling
Because of you, uh uh
One day you will hurt her just once too much
And when you finally lose your tender touch

Her feet may wander, her heart may stray
You are going to send your baby straight to me

I am going to give her all the loving
Within my heart, oh yeah
I am going to patch up every single little dream
You have torn apart, understand me now?
And when she tells you she is crying her last tear
Heaven knows I am going to be somewhere near

Oh yeah-yeah, you better
You better listen to me, yeah

Heartaches are calling and tears are falling
Because of you, oh yeah
And when you are gone she will know
I am the one to go to her rescue
Maybe you did not know that baby
You are going to leave her one too many times
And when you come back that
Girl is going to be mine, all mine