Lyrics : Gangsta (No Friend Of Mine)

Refugees baby
Yeah, tell 'em what it is
Smoke Hitty Entertainment
C'mon, yeah
Tell 'em what it is (If you say so)

You're not my girl
Not my wife
Got a couple tips from Mike
I'm moonwalkin' outcha life
I close my eyes, you outta site (Gangsta)
Now she wanna call me conceited
'Cause I'm a Smooth Criminal
I told her to Beat It
When a lil' love was all I needed
You talkin'? I call it how I see it
And now I mean it I'm out for good
Like a lot of you into movin' out the hood
But if I told you take me back you would
Too late me and P like Pac & Suge (na-aah-aaaah)
Had you into cars with a metro
With a couple superstar from the ghetto
Now you feelin' so soft and you let go
Of da T.E.M.P.A Mental (I'm the Blue Gangsta)