Lyrics : “Let Em Have It”

Let them n*ggas have it bro
Yup n*gga
That's yo’ ass n*gga!


Why you talkin' like you wit it boy?
I know that you a phony
You claimin' that you real
Then you gonna have to show me
Never been a b*tch and I put that on my homies
And I been about my sh*t ain’t nobody ever hoe me
I remember I was makin' plays by my lonely
When I was just a youngin tryna ball like I'm Kobe
You was in the stands I was really goin' OT
Big Brodie keep a 40 like he addicted to the OE
I've been makin' plays but I keep that sh*t lowkey
I don't take a loss if you lane switch on me
You can talk sh*t but yo' main b*tch blow me
And I know it make you mad that yo’ main b*tch know me
I ain’t wit the games b*tch you know that I don't play those
Actin’ hella hard but he soft like Play-Doh
I been sippin' lean you been sippin' on that Karo
I'm a muf*ckin mack to these hoes like Sayso
Aye, who you foolin’ why you lie fo?
You ain't never heard a chop sing like a high note
If you sneak dissin' on the MOB you get fired on
Make that b*tch ring like a muf*ckin iPhone

Aye, b*tch where yo' mans at?
Prolly somewhere hatin' cause we win and they can't stand that
n*gga, and I got yo' b*tch bringin' chicken in
I'm a cutthroat, you n*ggas sweet like cinnamon
b*tch I can f*ck you and yo' best friend
Hit it from the back she say "Damn!" like Kendrick
All my n*ggas slidin' I ain't talkin' bout electric
Big Glock, n*gga sh*t can get hectic
Aye, f*ck a b*tch Ima marry guap
I can't trust sh*t these hoes tell like the Marriott
Do we lack? f*ck no b*tch we carry Glocks
Gas pack, magic in the wood call it Harry Pott
And it's MOB x CG hittin' big stains
Fat woods, in love with Mary Jane b*tch I'm Rick James
Young Thug, like that n*gga from the Rich Gang
Strip teasin', leave a n*gga with some sh*t stains

Real MOB n*gga, all black the apparel
And I don't do the talkin' pus*y come talk to the barrel
All my n*ggas ain't for nothing we 'bout it for real
So let a n*gga disrespect and he bound to get peeled
That n*gga Bucks about to cut b*tch you better get back
Cause if he creepin' on yo' ass then you know it's a wrap
They all talk pus*y n*ggas be focused on rap
Meanwhile the MOB up in them streets really uppin them stacks
I heard yo' n*gga turned snitch what a f*ckin' disgrace
Gave me a even better reason to get n*ggas erased
I got n*ggas that'll get you gone without leavin' a trace
Watch what you say spittin' on the MOB it's the the biggest mistake
I like how n*ggas love to talk but ain't sayin' a thing
You come thru flexin' over here bet we snaggin' them chains
We quick to peel a n*gga back if he funkin with gang
We Call of Duty n*ggas blocks if they think it's a game
I got some killas from the Bay and them n*ggas go manii
I got some Eses really loco they really go brazy
MOB b*tch we known to give n*ggas the blues
So disrespect we leave yo' momma cryin' on the News