Lyrics : Name of Da' Game

Real shit, I said
The name of the game
Get the change fuck the fame
If it ain't about no money, I ain't fucking with you gains
When I was cuffed in the chains
Niggas ain't give me a holla
Bail ninety five hundred, niggas ain't give me a dollar
That's the number one problem
No respect, no loyalty
Business over bitches, that's number one and most importantly
Today I fell, I know ya would be the ones that supporting me
I call the phone, ya hitting buttons avoiding me
I was in my cell boiling, like when I touchdown
I'mma kill something
That's when I caught myself, like nigga get a deal or something
Eat a mill or something, getting rich will make em sick
The main ones I thought that was real, they was fake as shit
Talking bout they never change
I needed help, they never came
Same time you making money off my name
Know whats fucked up in the game
Cause God just had to show me
Who to keep close to me and on the real you niggas owe me
Shit my mom was the one that told me
Man them niggas ain't gon' ride, when you down doing your time
They acting out here like you died
So I'm laughing with a smile
Man the game switching lanes, and I ain't dissing on you niggas, nah
I'm just spitting pain
This is real shit, flowing like the blood that's in my veins
Homie feel this cause it can happen to your boy the same
I'm the only boy to blame
Cause I was down for you niggas
I would ride, I would die, bust my pound for you niggas like
I was on cortine, living like a poor fiend
Niggas taking meds, just to kill the pain like its morphine
Yea, go ahead sleep on me
You boys dream, and I be at it chasing cabbage, serving more cream
I had to separate myself from the lames
Had to realize that me and niggas ain't the same, can't complain
I kept it a hundred, sunny or rain
Through the fame or the pain, regardless I would remain the same
But like EA sports I'm in the game
But my homies looking like four quarters the way they change
Shit, could it be the money or could it be the horse
Man I don't even know, it could be either or
Niggas get nice like Mike and try to leave they Bulls
For the love of the green, turn around and change they team
For this money dawg, I done seen some crazy things
But I'm still in good condition like maybelline
That's why I'm trynna bubble like shampoo
But on the low though, I'm on my solo like zandu