Lyrics : Gettin' It In

I'm fucking that ho, you loving that bitch
You kissing that whore, she sucking my dick
You giving her checks I'm giving her swag
She'll tell me get her hair done he'll give me it back
He'll give me some cash, he'll give me a whip
I'm about to 2-11 your ho give me your bitch
Get over here talk money you know it's here
Them diamonds be glowing clear
Its popping you know we there
If she ain't fucking with me maybe she fucking P
If she ain't fucking with P then she probably fucking with Reef
If she ain't fucking Reef then it got to be Omelly
I asked him about the bitch he tell me he hit already
I'm like damn I was loving that
But now I'm fucking that
Donald Daffy ducking that
Pussy be so fucking wet man I get all up in that
As fast as I get up in there I jet just like a fucking leer
Meet her off of the computer she ask me do I know Cooner
And do I be with Kareem and I'm like what do you mean
I act like I didn't know them cause I knew if she was going
She tell me they like her brothers
Most likely they probably fucking her
Most likely one of them text her
I give her back just like money you tuck her like she was profit
Hold up, shout out my nigga Diddy we hit shit
I hit so many hoes I need a hit stick
Hold up Rug give me some T-Pain
So I can get fly on these bitches like Liu Kang
Pradas on v-neck two chains
Louie belt make them little bitches melt
We getting money ball hard top shelf
Got stacks on deck made it all myself
I made it got it and flipped it
Woke up again re-did it
Know look at these bitches they all over a nigga
Tell them stop, watch, Banshee on rock
Fucking up my Pradas going hard no stop
Flying around your way like hater what could you say
Bad bitch on the back, let me tell you about that
First she was fucking Chris now that bitch fucking Neef
I ask O Vasquez he told me that she was sweet
I caught her up in the club my pocket was on dub
My neck it was on bling all I did was one thing
So all y'all niggas that thinking you fuck hoes
Like the DJ Boo slow your roll
For I send Osama to bomb your bitch
And if he said that pussy was good then I'mma hit
A dog I'm a bitch
I ball be on some shit
She said that I don't like them skinny I like them hoes with [?]
He standing like [?] and dishing like Chris Paul
You hit it in one night and told her to get lost
Shout out my nigga Dean shout out my nigga Lean
I tell him about a bitch he pull up on the screen
I say I got that pic she send that shit to me
What time, 10:22? my shit 10:23
These hoes so sick so crazy
Heard one of them trying to have my baby
I ball Tracy McGrady
Score that bitch get an and one maybe

It's in my nature to be a player
Pound on her now, growl at her later
I see you pussy and pretty that's all cool
But you ain't fine as the diamonds in my jewels
You want the shoes, Bahamas and cruise
Summer you call your momma and tell her the good news
She want shoes preferably Jimmy Choo's
She think I'm shopping and copping she had too many boos
That girl drunk, though she pass when she flunk
Maybe I had a gas when I said she had a dump
Or maybe I got a trash when I passed her to Skunk
Baby it's been fun and your boy go to run
I got to go lot of x lot of o's
Lot of hugs lot of kiss lot of bad groupie hoes
You already know
Call I never show
Pause hold up, Peedi caught the cheery bow
That's the Lamb, that's probably why he's MIA
And I don't mean Miami he missing in another state
He in some other case let's get it right
He bumped into something new and ooh that coochi tight
I got to tighten up the hat, it's sliding off my gat
It's wet like I just copped the bundle [?]
The girl fresh, what up to Mannie Fresh
And [?] and all my dawgs from the set
Can't forget about Ke, shout out my boy Nickles
My old head G and all of my niggas pickles
My man wall street almost passed out
When he found Peddi was in love with Ms. Chows
block get the Henny out the truck
And go get another [?] cause all the Rose is gone
The Goose is gone the Kettle One is gone
I'm sitting on the hood of my [?]
That's Peedi Cracky half-Black half-Puerto Rican
And when he rap you don't understand what he speaking
Just understand that he be freaking every weekend
Me, Omelly, and Meek in Four Seasons its on