Lyrics : A Milli

See its nothing I fear, run and tell 'em that
Philly's in here no you go tell 'em Gillie's in here
I don't bust up in the air hear the cops come
Hell if I care I'mma throw a couple in ya hair
Let's the bullets just tear
Doctors got to try to fucking repair
Brain fragments now you in that wheelchair
The new Guccis they be twelve hundred a pair
That's 600 a sneaker but it's free for you to stare
Diamonds glare off that boy spent a hundred that's the player rate
What I dropped on jewelry that's the salary the mayor make
Show you how to bake a cake
Get it in soft cook it up to hard
Take it to the plate chop it down
Move it to the block get it off
Can't accumulate the drama we getting all the money we be seeing
Benz's BM's balling so hard we should be on ESPN
I ain't with that he say hommie
And you know how we play hommie
Big ice only me diamond cuts I love is the DJ hommie

This ain't fear run tell 'em that the figures in here
Know it's Bump when you see that nine mill
Hell ya it's my year I'm about to eat it up
Beat it up you see it what
Hold up hold up Bump speed it up
Got the game in a hold and I can't let go
Don't know better ask about me
See you niggas get mad but the money in the bag got dragged
You see it's steady piling
Green, green, Benny, Benny
Hit a nigga back with the semi
And he got another in the k
If you owe hey you better come gimme gimme
Trust that when we roll out know this
Goon on the side he hold it focused
Focused in the club we smoking
Smoking better not provoke us
Up the chain before you see that flame
Might have him on the block boy all in pain
Quit playing 'bout all them games
Leave shawty wet life falling rain
Better know when I press that thing I'm accurate you could trust this aim
That fact is that I'm laughing at you through the scope if you think you could get out this frame
Still get it on the block that change
Since the rims and drop done change
B thought he, he, he, you dudes just not the same

A millionaire in my bag that was just my first gear