Lyrics : Me Too

N***as say they trappin, I'm like me too

If he pull up like we good
We gon' knock his doors off (Knock his doors off)
My n***as on a percs so right now he throwed out
Put four ounces in my cup of mud so I'm dosed out
They say Duke we raised you up right
How the f**k you go south (How the f**k you go south)
These n***as say they trappin I'm like me too (I'm like me too)
F**k that lil b*t*h from the back
She say don't stop it ouu, Duke I need you (Duke I need you)
I got a hook something like a needle (Like a needle)
It's a lot of speculations, I might want you I don't really need you
Every time they play my song, she say ouu that's my sh*t
I f**k her from the back, she say baby don't stop it
I ain't worried bout yo n***a we'd get his block hit
Tryna put my hood on but I ain't Trayvon Martin
We was really in the streets, we ain't need no guidance
We was out looking for love, but we never found it
Couple n***as got murked, yea they body found dead
If I don't ever sign no deal, know the streets gon' sign me (Sign me)
Took a trip to Atlantic records, they like where is he from
I'm still surprised that I could rob the bank without no gun
I'm blowing up real fast it's hard to think what I become
Way she swallow my d**k it's hard to think she got a tongue
Ain't a lot a people chosen, It's hard to think that I'm the one
I'm the hardest n***a out, but I'm the biggest that's slept on
N***as actin real foul, then we gon' rip off his teflon
I f**k her from the back she be like baby slow it down
How up switch gears then I ask her what bout now
She say yea that's the spot but you gotta put yo phone down
Said her baby daddy jealous, she don't really want no problems
Then I turn my flash on cause this for my dawgs in the pound
I ain't f**kin' with that n***a Duke he crazy, yea that's me
Why you say his diamonds fake, they is n***a SD
Me & Dee was breaking down bowls, you can ask SP
Check my record it's a [?] ask police
I just can't be f**kin with these hoes they delirious
Only time I let my Glock talk if I ain't hearing it
N***as say that they gon' rob me I ain't hearing it
Always let me f**k her in her mouth & that's just period
She know I got them periods
How you put yo hood on it was mysterious
Granny tell me take my hood off you look mysterious
Had to switch from Levis, I'm tryna Mike Amiri it
Ain't had no threesome with my b*t*h
Thats just something they ain't into yet
I be robbing left & right my parents think I'm throwed out
I'm out in Cali with the Vibes, but I'd kick them hoes out
Hellcat on Hollywood, I'm tryna dodge the hole pots
Would you sign for a mil, I say I need a whole lot
Unless them n***as talking cash
Then I might just can't hold out
How you thinking what to say on songs, I pour my soul out
They like Duke can you tell us more, can't say a whole lot
I already said enough, I ain't one a them n***as that talk a lot
I can't go to sleep I got demons in my thoughts yea
My girl keep having dreams, Imma take you out yea
You & yo gang, you know who I'm talking bout yea
You n***as cap, we really out here catching bodies
Infatuated with Boosie, he with that violence
My shooters crazy, when they shoot they just be smiling
Them guns sounds like violins
Do the dash when we hear sirens
You could ask Malcom if them n***as spin that block
Then they won't try again