Lyrics : Dropout (Swanky Tunes Remix)

It's a dropout

We don't love these hoes, we just want they roll (Get this dough)
I've been sipping long, now I'm feelin' slow (Feelin' throwed)
I'm all kinda throwed
You know how that go
(I don't know)
Not like dominos, pass her to my bro

Four door
Chevy Stolo
Was a drop-top
Slide to Moe City
Scoop a hoe, she a snot thot
Pigeon-toed yellow-bone hoe in a crop top
Pick and roll, scoot up with the pole on the opp block
Like a dump, shooting thirty clip, it's a dropout
Hit 'em in his leg in his back with the fire fire
n***a, I'm the plug and connect, like WiFi

Lot of n***as' pu**y, so the n***a got nine lives
Knowing when we shooting, b*t*h we scootin', no drive-bys
She gave me the side-eye, now she call me dada
I been gettin' money since a n***a rockin' Dada
Just turned the beat on, and I turned the heat on
The name ain't Kelly, but a lot of n***as' peon
Checkin' out the bag, 'cause the gas lookin' neon
b*t*h got that ass, I ain't passin', I'ma beat on (Your-)