Lyrics : Strength of My Life (Acoustic Version)

Yo! Eternal rhythms in your system so clear
No negative, take your isms stay clear
We keep it lovely, give you want you won't hear, no you won't hear
And Matisyahu in the house, stand clear
P.O.D. in the house, stand clear
If Jah is for me, tell me whom I gon' fear? (No I won't fear)
And Jah of Jacob, deserving of my love
And God of Isaac, reign blessings from above
Hashem of Abraham will show me the way
I go down on my knees and this is what I pray

Strength Of My Life, whom shall I dread?
When them evildoers approach to devour my flesh
Even if there would be an army against me
My heart would not fear

Steer clear from weird vibes
Chuck a spear these evil guys must realize
Even if there would rise a war against me
In this I trust, it's a must
Elevated is my head, above my enemy
Surround me with the song of glory
(Yeah, Song of glory, Yeah, ohhh)