Lyrics : King’s Rant

Aye-aye, aye-aye
King, king of the garden
King, king of the garden
King, king of the garden
Yes that boy king, king of the garden

Tadow, they be like "Tadow"
Got a hunnid million people screamin' "Tadow"
Had a world tour, made a lotta M's (Yeah)
Had a girl faint overseas, now I'm MJ
Your words not mine, yeah, I keep to myself
I do everything (Yeah), I don't need no help (No)
So dont be talkin' 'bout "Masego is slept on"
J Cole, Will Smith in my cell phone (Ooh)
You lucky I don't wanna be famous
'Cause I would speak on these memories and say things like
I attract ladies with a dormant dream
And I don't see all the things that they wanna see in me
And if I feature on your track, you know that track is mine now
You know I got the Drake effect, you know that it's my time now
Name another n***a look as good as me, play like me
I can't think of ten, I can't think of three
Like ain't nobody really dope as me
I can see your insecurities
Most of y'all just do it for the green
I just made a lane and plant a tree
Lemme be frank, got me a garden, got me a world, got me a business
Different locations, and I go crazy
Y'all be like Nipsey, but did you hear him?