Lyrics : A Wall Apart

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hm mm, hm mm

You know this level all I gotta flex up in my life
Was moving 'round with haters acting like friends in disguise
Ain't really got no forgis, poppa moving 'round in cabs
This sh*t is my desire I can even do it twice
All my brothers down, we was lying on the ground
This sh*t is my saver, it was sent to me from Christ
Ain't really got no platform, posting videos on the gram
They leaving me a stall, they said that I'm a child
But this is all I know, I just gotta hope
Maybe one day Falz will see this on the gram
And I've been moving slow, all eyes on the coast
sh*t on me and one day God might turn this sh*t around
All my brothers they want doe, karats and the gold
I ain't saying they vanity but n***a get a scope
And I been on a low, acting like I'm bold
I hope that Falz will see this and let my talent unfold
I been scaling up my calibration
n***a I ain't really got no alteration
I been doing this since day one
I'm here for my generation
Lord take away the pain
It ain't been the same, I hope I can better my days
Poverty made me deranged, momma fighting the pain
The talent in me ain't in Vain