Lyrics : This Way (Say I Love You)

We can't all feel like you
That's all I'm tryna say

If tonight is the last night you plan on breathing
If the weight of the world is so heavy on your shoulders
The only place you see to lay down this burden is a grave
If you are so tired of existence, you want to put yourself into an eternal rest
I'm sorry I couldn't make this life more livable for you
I too have known nights on bathroom floors with blood and tears spilling so quickly
I'm not sure which one I'll run out of first
Know praying to gods I stopped believing in a long time ago
That if they were real they would help me
Know looking death in the face and inviting him home for dinner
Like a long lost friend I couldn't wait to get reacquainted with
But I've also known salvation
Know that if the words of your demons can end your life
Then words of hope can save it no matter how deep of a hole you've dug yourself into
Even when holding on to life feels like grasping for air your lungs can't even keep inside of them
Reach your hand out for a lifeline
Because I am still standing after depression has brought me to my knees
After I've asked God more times to end my life than I have thanked Him for giving me it
And ain't that a blessing?
To survive
Even when your own body has tried to kill you
And it gets hard sometimes because I can't even remember how to be a person
But being a poet isn't always about pretty prose
Some days, it is just about being alive
Most days, it is just about being alive here
In this place where I have seen so many resurrected, I call it holy
This is survival, this is hope, this is life
So tonight, don't you write me a suicide note
Write me a survivor's story