Lyrics : Chase Yo Dreams

Okay, head high, red eye
I take that lick into the head and leave her dead wide
Ima dawg I can't hang with no scared guys
Grab the fire, we gotta leave the crib prepared guys
Fall in love with another n***a ion need that
Lame hoes round just to get a n***a feedback
But now I see that, moving like a soldier
Keep my head high cause life like a coaster
Riding with a roster, don't get pulled over
And I gotta take that charge, I'm to cool for a chauffeur
Lame b*t*h switched up, ion wanna diss her
Riding with a Canon, I should take ya picture
Boom, swerving in my lane, make a b*t*h make some room
Married to the game, yeah this dawg sh*t get groomed
And it's all about the money
And a hoe ain't never do nothing for me, yeah

They said you was the realest, find out told em kill it
Open wounds ian even finish school cause i'm healing
Put a gun to my heart, opened up a new scar
I roll it in yo rug and roll it over with yo car
Tell me how it feel
To think about me everyday cause you know I kept it real
Perfect smile ion need no veneers
And i'm not bout to diss you and start your career
Bout to take the time out, to put you hoes in timeout
And no ian care, but it's time to bump and grind now
Don't stop, drop it to the floor and clean it up like a mop
Heard you had a conversation that I like, sloppy top
Ouu don't stop and ima hold you down, hold yo head from the top
Getting head on the blow up or a futon
I guess that's why them hoes wanna move on
And i'm all about my lifestyle f**k a groupon
She gon make it loply, she gon call me papi
Beat it like rocky, more sticks than hockey
Humble young n***a, Liberty city made me c*cky
Man up against steam road
I call her teamer cause she know that she a team hoe
f**k a b*t*h chase yo dreams bro, aye
f**k a b*t*h chase yo dreams bro, yeah
Like f**k a b*t*h chase yo dreams bro
f**k a b*t*h chase yo dreams bro, yeah
f**k a b*t*h chase yo dreams bro