Lyrics : Figaro Remix

I don’t prepare for rap, I prepare for battle
Fire metal shrapnel
Whilst i’m higher than a pterodactyl
My head unravels, even after meds in capsules
I see fractal level patterns on my pad my pencil grappled

Disassemble tracks I never settle
Raps are meant to baffle
Rattlesnakes on petals, straggle, travel with the devils apple
Wearing deaths apparel
I am kept in temples shackled, plagues of Egypt relived
Raining flames whenever I enter chapels

Senseless babble, I could swim up s**** creek
Off my dial sink deep
And straddle crocodiles to use there legs as paddles
Jackal with a mental cackle
Verses cause your blood to boil, vessels crackle
Tremble planets until I bend their axel

Entire populations wired to the cyberspace
Their life’s a waist
I’ll turn a cypher to a fireplace
And why they hibernate
I’m wide awake, the rhymes that I create
Dark a mad creator, gladiator mask to hide my face

You’re inferior, hearing your whack lyrics
Materials crap, I got serial killer criteria
Leer in the lab, here we are
Blow like Baghdad, Syria
Serious I could spit with vernacular bacteria

Eventually, my words will live to the century
I’m an intellectual entity
I’m a Martian with the chemistry
Spartan is my pedigree
Armoured God emerging
Guard is sharpened watch for serpents
In that garden of Gethsemane
b*st*rd spitting bars of arson
Archer with the weaponry
If half of you step to me
You’ll meet a darkened casket destiny

Endlessly, my recipe; repeat repertoire
Set the bar damn high
This man can rhyme a reservoir
Irregular brain stems, gain strength
A great ancient race
From the space sent nebula

Grave beds, raise dead
Candle wicks will flicker
Witches from the river Styx
Still lifting spirits with the Wicca
Sip the liquor, in the mirror
The aura of a torturer, a slaughterer
A twisted figure, this a mystic sorcerer
Slitting you’re aorta the, coroner
Standing on the corner a, haunted man
Born in lands of foreigners

Author and a novelist of doc*ments
I’ve been off my noggin since
Dropping six oxy’s with a pond of p***
Known as the prophet
Who’s knowledge is bottomless
Consciousness is higher, I am dominance

Bombing this, populous
And you remain anonymous
Honour this effort, MF Doom is the god at this
Honest this is authentic, no pompousness
His thoughts are tormented just like Obelisk
Prominence is coming at a paid price
No stage fright
With mates we’ll turn a stage to a cage fight
The great apes take flight, *P*
This is gonna be a late night