Lyrics : G-Wagon

Woah, woah, woah
Woah, woah

You will never have it all
So be good with what you got
As long as I got you, I got a lot
And I don't wanna feel this way forever
Soon as I make my bed, I'll make you better (Yeah)

Stop, look, and listen, my key is in the ignition
Start up, swallow my pride, pick my heart up, I be so driven
My motto is "Never follow," I'm runnin' into tomorrow
With all the weight on my shoulders like boulders
Still never borrow your hands
There ain't no problem, this is part of the plan
I'm in here until I disappear, they'll never see me again
It was way easier, I didn't need a reason for comin'
People don't need me for nothin'
I feel that deep in my stomach, I keep on peelin' this onion
Too many layers to it
I'm makin' music from a soul that's full of aches and bruises
I don't feel safe, I just feel numb, I don't feel sh*t
I don't wanna die here, please don't leave me like this
I keep that weed in my spliff
Long as I'm breathin', no quittin', I will not cease to exist (Yeah)
I am no genius, just a hand that's on my p*n*s
Produce semen you spit
And you wonder why I'm bein' a d**k