Lyrics : Divine Love

She's my divine love
We fly, these skies were made for us
They're made for us, yeah
And she know how to keep me high, she's my drugs
We try, we try, but they're never enough
But they're never enough
(Yeah, well)

I thought my angel was supposed to save me
Instead she wanna strangle me, choke, and rape me
Ride around the city in an old Mercedes
Always wanna drive but you drove me crazy
She was supposed to teach me how to fly
All she did was teach me how to fly, yeah
Cross my heart, put a needle in my eye
She made the demon in my mind
But the sex so good and I need it
I tell the whole entire world [?] your secret
A lot of screamin'
Jesus Christ, I'll be polite
You see, f**kin' is how we fight

pu**y so good, it got a hold of me
pu**y so good, keep control of me
pu**y so good, yeah
pu**y so good, I keep goin' back