Lyrics : Die

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I wonder, can I make a little money without sellin' my soul?
You know you'll never be the sh*t if you ain't smellin' your own (Smellin' your own)
And even God gave the Devil a home
Now the evil live in all of us, wherever we go
I had plans to be a innovator
This flight simulator, flyin' through the Himalayas
Sips from a blissful nature
There's blood on the hands they've been grippin' paper
The man in the mirror always my biggest hater
Bullsh*t for later, Malcolm, need to focus
I know you got emotions that are kinda hard to cope with, but
You gotta stay strong and always act cordial
sh*t, I do drugs 'cause they help me feel normal
I'm a man of good morals, got millions in the plural
Would go to outer space if you informed to where the portal is
Knew I was the one, but never got to hear from Morpheus
Life get interestin' when you realize how short it is

And you don't know, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
But you still try
'Cause you won't know, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Until you die, yeah