Lyrics : Morning

We outside and we down to ride
All that beef sh*t, we don't let that slide
We ain't had no sleep and it's about five
I'm with a sweet one and she feelin' my vibe (Lekaa Beats)

Wake and bake, I don't get no sleep (Wake and bake)
Back then I was bruck, now I'm on my feet (I'm back)
Made fifty racks and that's just off street (Fifty quid)
Why you think I got CC's on my feet? (Why you think? Why you think?)
Why you think it's Amiri on my jeans? (Why you think?)
Why you think that it's Gucci on my tee? (Huh?)
I was in Guildford hittin' them fiends (Gilly)
Now I'm shuttin' down shows with the GBG's (GB's, GBG's)
I beg you don't talk on us, n***a, please
Cah we up on the board (Yes), us man, we're in the lead
I remember when he got smoked like weed (Smoke like trees)
Now I just kick back and smoke my weed (I'm baking)
I got gyal from south, I got gyal from east (Yes, yes)
I got big aunties tryna give me their knees (No cap)
And I got this sweet on her knees (Sweet one, sweet one)
She slop me off, I can't feel my knees
I can do drill and trap (Yes)
Any beat I'm on, collapse (Collapse)
Bro got years for the mash (Free 'em)
And my other got years for the trap (Free 'em)
I didn't even need to jump in but I did
My broski had it on smash (Uh-uh)
I was in Dam mixin' Cali with the hash (Yes)
I was in yard, on the beach with the mash (I wash)
No cap, man, I rap, that's facts (No cap)
Don't pay it on time? Get taxed
I'm doin' music now, tryna grab that bag (Yes)
I was young doin' Maggi's, tryna grab that bag (Grab that)
School days, tryna beat that slag
Now I got bad B's tryna meet my dad (Bad ones)
Musta gone mad (Yes) 'cause she can never meet my dad (Mad)
I don't want no wife, I just want a piece (Give me a likkle)
Big back and breast, I just wanna squeeze (I just wanna squeeze it)
She got a man but she let me beat (She let me beat)
Eyebrows look good and her nails on fleek (Fleeky, fleeky one)
It's peak cah that nyash had me weak (I can't lie)
Can't talk on opps, don't let me speak (Don't let me)
Curled up the floor with his head on leak
It's peak, dripped out from my head to my feet (n***as know)
She wanna dance with the GBG's (She wanna)
But honey can't dance with the GBG's (No, we don't dance)
Got back, how they talk on the GBG's? (How?)
Slap on attack, best run, best skeet (Slap)
Knife work on fleek (Yes), on fleek (Uh-uh)
I ain't been home in a f**kin' week (No, no I haven't)
Can't remember last time when I had good sleep (Can't remember)
I don't chase no gyal but I chase the queen (Guap)