Lyrics : Come Again

(Lekaa Beats)

Don’t compare me to them boys (Don't)
'Cause we ain't got nothin' alike (Nope)
Brand new wetter, sixteen shooter (Sixteen)
You know that’s something I like (Grr, baow)
I used to do drills on a dirt up bike (Yes, yes)
Now it’s Range Rover SVR (Rrr)
Watch everybody pree when I stop at the lights (Preein')
I got a cutie in Gucci (Yes), even Gucci down to the tights
Socks and a Triple S, I came a long way for these Nike flights (I came a long way)
Yes, officer, I know my rights (I do)
To keep silent, straight "No comment"
I could never talk up like 6ix9ine (No way)
Uh, way before Snapchat views and likes (Way before Snapchat)
Like Kojo Funds, man, I bust my nine (Yes)
Or the GT spin (Yes)
I done it in car or bike (Uh-uh)
Violations, never slide (Never)
I go back 'round there same night (Yes, yes, yes, yes)
Course black lives matter
Look at this brown skinned jawn with a backer
Back mazza (Yes), really impressed in the field like Kaka
Man down like Shakka (Uh)
In the jail house, opps get battered (Grr, baow)
On my block all the time cah we got sh*t patterned