Lyrics : Never Too Much

I can't fool myself
I just want nobody else to ever love me
You are my shining star, my guiding light, my love fantasy
There's not a minute, hour, day or night that I don't love you
You're at the top of my list
'Cause I'm always thinking of you

I still remember in the days when I was scared to touch you
How I spent my day dreaming
Planning how to say I love you
You must have known that I had feelings deep enough to swim in
That's when you opened up your heart and you told me to come in

Oh, my love
A thousand kisses from you are never too much
I just don't want to stop
Oh, my love
A million days in your arms are never too much
And I just don't to stop

Never too much, never too much, never too much, never too much

Woke up today
Looked at your picture just to get me started
I called you up
But you weren't there and I was brokenhearted
Hung up the phone, can't be too late
The boss is so demanding
Opened the door up and to my surprise there you were standing

Who needs to go to work to hustle for another dollar
I'd rather be with you
'Cause you make my heart scream and holler
Love is a gamble and I am so glad that I am winning
We've come a long way and yet this is only the beginning

Repeat Chorus and fade out