Lyrics : Lost Time

She waitin' on me, all that K-, ayy

She waitin' on me, we buyin' that KOD (Ayy)
A ho toxic, lovin' these hoes the disease (Hey)
Live with the mean, you plottin' I don't trust no one like me
Your boy posted, I'm speedin' that b*t*h order all, wait, hold up (Ayy)
Your boy posted, I'm speedin' that b*t*h order all the plan B (Ayy)
Big dog sh*t, I don't want your ho, she got hot like me (Ayy)
I need water, she said I need Jesus
n***as made caps when started, why would I want a feature?
Say move like Mister [?], gettin' close to my dream
That b*t*h made me go harder, but I gave you everything
Now got voodoo picture, take me out this club
Drown on Percocet, I can't feel, that's good
I'm geeked like Fabo, why would I speak too soon?
RIP to the fallen soldiers
Mac Miller, I feel you too
I really want a forty or somethin'
These hoes keep doin' me bad
Anybody got stuff 'bout me
I come from b*t*h I slaughter

Red dot beamin'
Okay, I mean loaded
Okay, b*t*h, I'm slowly bleedin'
You ain't got no meanin'
Dope kush, b*t*h
I'ma make it work with the dirt
On the floor the hurt
I can't count these words for every day on my own
Always haunted by a ghost
Now I see that you haunted
Last 100 days have passed
Slowly turn away, I had step away from the private counter
Flight for my last days
(Another threat)
I need another Xan', hope one day you gon' understand
That this ain't what I f**kin' want
I'ma go to the garage for the top spot (Boy)
Boy, I need these drugs
Suppose you don't, better kill you
Better [?] now you far, yeah