Lyrics : TA/PE

Wish that I could tell this story in another time
Write another line maybe have a couple rhymes you ain't heard before
This a testament to growth a thing I haven't really showed and yet I'm
Urgently composing like this story's what your searching for
Wish that I could do it different maybe then you'd finally listen
Maybe just be optimistic instead of just pessimistic
Maybe you'll have learnt your lesson, further than I've learned my lesson
Maybe in the future you'll have every single thing your destined for

Not yet
Why you bragging all the time you ain't even on the top yet
Why ya head held high? You still gotta get to grinding
This ya time to get up off ya ass, you better stop that smiling
Boy don't try me
You still got a long way to go
Show some patience while you waiting if they hating do some more
You ain't really changing nothing you not even revolutionary
Show ya strength a little more before you claim what you could carry
The work is scary, yeah I know
I'm the one who let you take a break while doing all them shows
This ya wake up call, ya last one before the alarm
So if you wanna be a legend then you better stand up tall
Or not at all
And mama ain't raise a quitter
You ain't working hard enough to get them 6 figures
You spending too much time worrying what's on ya Twitter
So get with it or they'll just give it to another n***a, switch up

I find my better days in dreams
Passed them labels up on deals cause their money they could keep
I been too hot to digest
But I digress I had to take a step back from the music just to steep
Y'all ain't been sleeping on me
But maybe I've been too hard on myself
Pushing product with no end and still nothing to show and tell
Y'all riding waves with nothing to row or sail
And grabbing coat tails, if you ever pinch mine then I'll tell you to go to hell
I do sh*t differently that ain't mean that maybe it was meant to be
But still I make it happen with some missing pieces
I'll leave y'all puzzled how I did it with no decent thesis
And there's no reason I should struggle with the things I'm singing
I'm lacking confidence, they say I'm c*cky they on my c*ck with it
I'll get my place there ain't no bartering or badgering
Cause pops already mad at me
And I ain't never gone to war without my bars that I've been fact checking
I'll be a king and a god (check)
Beat all the odds (check)
I'll get the (check) and make a queen outta moms (yup)
Bet on the kid, I'm better than this, had the best track record
Since love, sadkid, I'm on a pretty petty pedestal
And bet I'm out here pedaling hits, y'all breaking bread
I'm counting cheddar break the feta to bits
Ain't nothing better for the record bet it bangs in the whip
And it ain't no mystery I run the game with medal-ling kids
Ain't nothing better than this
I'm taking names talking sh*t for the hell of it
Maybe I'm not doing everything I could to sell this sh*t
I'm losing stock they think they lost it on embezzlement
But maybe I'm just stuck and so content on partial excellence
I said it then