Lyrics : Brand New Brain

Did I push you to the limit?
Did? I go too hard, did I throw a rock at your car?
It's? always fun when you're lost in it
Trying to hold on to a fish in the eye of a storm

I woke up in the whip I drove
Thinking? that you'd call, I really thought that you'd call me
Shaky? face and fully clothed
Can we restart? I'd really like to restart

And? baby, I'm trying
But manners and decency never came easily
And maybe I?m lying
To my eyes and ears and lips and feet - to all of my anxieties

We?ll? figure out a way to buy a brand-new brain for me
And baby, I'm trying now
I?m trying

It?s awkward in the living room
Got your makeup on; you never used to wear makeup
There?s little to nothing I can do
We?re so far gone ? we?re becoming a break-up song