Lyrics : Snowflake

I'm a snowflake so I do not like bad words
I'm a PC citizen and I ain't talking bout no nerd
Never ever would I curse
Or call somebody out
That is rude I'm a prude
Wash them words out your mouth
That made me uncomfortable
Reported now I'm feeling cool
Get you off the internet
Swimming in my swimming pool
With a shirt and some pants
I'm so freaking out of touch
Block you if you ever cuss
Call the cops if you look at my butt

What the front door
He said something that is bad
And now my lumps sore
She said something mean to me
I can't function no more
Everything is so bad wish I could report
Son of a beach its a filthy dirty world
Let me get my bleach
If that can't lift the stain
I may just have to drink
Its real smelly it stink
I wish that I could report the whole thing (report the whole thing)