Lyrics : If You’re a Baby Listen to This

Ah la la la
*baby crying*
Uh- no!
No, please. Stop
Oh my god. He's doing it again. (Yo what's wrong?)
Hey, sir, can you please come help me? (Yeah. Sure sure.)
He just won't stop crying
(I know exactly what to say to your child.)

Welcome to this world, you little stupid b*t*h
I love you so much. I promise you, you can not fathom it
I once heard that life's a b*t*h and I agree. So, there you go
I just had to let you know and set the tone, so now you know
Learn your ABCs and 123s and be just who you are
You can work inside of an office or you can be a f**king star
One sounds better, but that's just me
Do what you want, you're still my baby
Well, you're not mine and I'm not having kids
But if I do, I love you like this
Love your parents because you came out their butt
And love your foes because love everyone
Not literally that would be weird
If you are a girl, its hard to grow a beard
I'm just filling you in on life
Sometimes its trash, sometimes its nice
Animals are cool because they won't judge you
People aren't cool because they will judge you
You're just a baby, you don't understand
If you think you do understand, well, you are wrong
You don't understand
Memes are things that old people do
I don't agree, that's according to you
If you're a boy, you can make new babies
With your special boy goo
Goo goo ga ga
Boo boo bla bla
When you're older, tell me what that means
Everything anyone tells you is a lie
Yes, including me
Trust your friends and family, but f**k your friends and family
There's one truth to life and that's that: Doja Cat is mad at me
Hot stuff burns, but you won't understand until you get burnt
Life twists and turns
Wear a condom or your PP hurts
Don't hit a girl unless she is much older
It's okay to say that. Your bro has a boulder