Lyrics : Open Mic\\Aquarious III

Rip out my soul from the depths of my flesh
Flesh from my blood I caress
Right on the page so it's fresh
I take my time but express
Blood on my mind but I guess
It's just in my genes like a Glock 17
Like a genetic scene kicking the door we blow it off the hinge
Music my drug tried often injected syringe
It's in my blood ain't no need to pretend
Tell I don't need to pretend tell me I don't need to explain
Just drop the record on the needle and express my pain
Can't wait until my sun shine and together we rain
My queen's by my side like Manhattan
Fuck rapping it's poetic conviction my rendition is not meant for your diction Battled addiction in the womb a crack baby by definition keys to ignition with no permission that mean that I'm driven alive cause I'm living fuck work or what you've been given
I knew I always wanted more like the roots of 95
I'll be sure to more for my family then mine did
Because hip-hop rhymes taught me more then my moms did
Didn't drink 'til I was 25 'cause I'm my mom's kid
All I knew was alcoholism and prison
Only saw domestic violence and racial division social worker trying to take me away but I know The group home probably worse hell Nah no way
At least I know my odds here ima be ok
Adapted to the lifestyle so Ima be ok

Keep that one just Incase

Yea i'm just energy my DNA not my identity finding serenity become I better Man I better be with a child in my baby mama stomummy never crummy we get big bread
Trying to be the greatest that shit dead
I'm trying to be the happiest that I can be instead
Trying to get ahead like a fetus
Money don't complete it can lead us lead us to depression
Being rich is not a blessing
Fame is not a blessing
Wasn't 'til I was rich and famous 'til I learned a lesson
What's the meaning of life to live it is what I'm guessing

Live it live it
Living life like this is so crazy
Hip hop is amazing
One day your top and next they want to erase em god damn what I'm facing
Every day a new frustration
People thinking I'm complacent people thinking That I changed
Like a cashier but I can't let that register get the fuck up on out of here
Buy a brick and rolled light it get high as the stratosphere
I can hear the voices in my mind when I rhyme give it up to Alex sound never even had a prime Like a primo never link up with 59 bitch I'm back like the muscles around in my vertebrae fuck what you Gotta say
Keep it going already when your flowing for the listener you're kind of like a therapist
Or rather Cole in 2005 flowing like cannabis that throw back shit yea that throw back shit
Fuck what you heard my catalog it ain't got no wack shit because I'm a gladiator in the Colosseum everybody wanna be him till they feel like they can't be him and they want to see him lose
Wrote this poem in navy that's what I call signing in the blues
Word to DotD my family got me
No carbon copy
Like to hit you hard and drop them but if I roll with the punches
When it's Rocky don't ever stop
Never top me never cocky I'm never cocky
Ok well maybe sometimes occasionally in some rhymes but it's fine in due time I'm the illest to ever do it come now Bobby buy cool it
And indigenous era of the indigenous MC
Riding this motherfucker 'til the tank on E

What up
Fuck all the bullshit from deep down inside I wrote this sitting shotgun in my favorite ride reflecting on memories from my childhood
Bringing a baby in this world I hope my child good
But all I ever gave a fuck about was my career
But all the shit out the window now that my son is here
Fuck sales and streams none of that shit entails dreams
Fuck rap
Fuck press
Fuck feeling like I'm less
If it ain't bout my happiness then I could give a fuck less
I Remember window shopping no I'm shopping for windows for my baby new room
Bobby coming soon
And that's the type of line I wouldn't second guess putting on my shit before out of fear that they would hate 'cause
They couldn't relate cause it wasn't relevant give a fuck if it's evident this right here is the evidence I'm like Leo in Revenant bear with me
You could tear me apart
But that won't take away the fact I wrote this shit from the heart
Where it's built from the heart
Where it's gonna start where it's fins stay
I've learned everyday a good day surrounded by people that love me don't want nothing from me
But my happiness off the Internet that's when I'm at my happiness scrolling so much my thumb fucked up we call that carpal tunnel vision follow me like religion on this
Course of collision feeling in prison this is my freedom through these lyrics because I repeat them and beat him into my conscious like a
Dinosaurus lyricism
Straight through the dome like cocaine through the sinus
I think I finally found my paradise is where the time is