Lyrics : Grew Apart

I don't tell 'em 'all the things you said
I don't tell 'em 'bout the nights you left
I don't show 'em these texts I saved
All the games you played
They don't know nothing 'bout it
Whenever somebody says your name
I don't break, I just say

It's for the best, it's over now
Wasn't anyone's fault, it didn't work out
She's a good girl, just wasn't the one
We wanted different things, we had a good run
She's better off, and so am I
It is what it is, yeah, it's alright
I don't tell 'em how you broke my heart
I just tell 'em that we grew apart

I could tell 'em how you came in late
I could tell 'em how you looked me in the eye
And told that lie with a straight face
I don't know why I don't, but maybe I hope
It ain't really over
But what's that say about me?
Am I that weak?
'Cause I just keep saying