Lyrics : Black Holocaust

Yeah, how real is this?
OK, look up in the sky
It's a bird, it's a symbol
It's another wealthy liberal throwing up a virtue signal
Another rich Republican funnelling corporate dollars
To muzzle black voices, we're stuck with two choices
An open racist or a closet bigot
Either way we're only given a certain limit to pivot
So be mindful as you move in that space
'Cuz some of our allies are just white anarchists in blackface
And that haste creates chaos, stirring the mass doubters
Yes, Black Lives Matter, but what happened to Black Power?
Black businesses, black buildings, black community
Combine that dollar sign, decline qualified immunity
Control our property as we properly found sight
Patrol our own neighborhoods like the Jews in Crown Heights
Or the Chinese in every metropolitan
Every sketch you profile him in is part of a larger net that they caught us in
I call a trend how I see a trend
The only way to stop racial oppression is killing it while its deep within
I'm peeking in at the legislation that led this nation to its own demise
So I surmise you better expect frustration
I'm speaking off the cuff but I don't leave no creases
They still got us in cuffs after we leave the precinct
That's if you make it there, but they don't make it fair
You can't compare disparity sparingly, who's prepared?
Newsflash - CNN is just as bad as Fox
They coaxing black emotion to coincide with a notion
That swings in their direction instead of true self reflection
Projecting a biased view to use you for the election
We are not ex-slaves, knock the falseness off
We are survivors of the Transatlantic Holocaust
African genocide that lives inside this continent
Until America can admit to that, this is the consequence
So when did racism make its cause?
The term White didn't exist until miscegenation laws
Europeans were Europeans and Africans were tribal
They used two weapons - a leather whip and a Bible
It's more vital than ever for those lesser
So stop with the gimmicks that mimic our oppressor
I hate to say "I told you so", but "I told you so"
From out the concrete still a rose can grow, whoa