Lyrics : Stories with Aunt Liv

Would you like to hear a story? (A story?)
Would you like to hear a story? (Tell it to me, please)

Long before una niñita negra dreamt of a love like this (Like this?)
Never did she think it would turn out the way it did (Ah, like this, like this)
Then this year in her day today she realized the foreign species planted a little love seed in her heart
Mm, big impression
The impression was big
So the new and improved mujer negra decided she wants to pursue her heart's desire
She waters, she speaks spells making sure her green glove fits
And when the plant starts to sprout, as does her self-honesty
She says, "Self, I know you're learning, you're growing, and your heart is getting bigger, too
But imma need you to open up a little bit for this strange, strange species that I'm tryna pursue"
Her heart said yes, her heart said yes, and she was happily ever after, a mess
A whole entire mess because her heart said yes
But la mujer negra may have waited too long to call him back