Lyrics : Cut to the Chase

Sew em on them wings
Spread your pretty things
Let your freedom flow put it in the c*ckpit
Fly fly fly away big birdie
Oversized too grown
To be doubting yourself this much
You've made it this far people live til 80
And the old get meaner
As they lose their attempts to care
And the world gets hotter
Because they cast their cares away
And the old get meaner
And the young has to clean it all up again
And the old get meaner
And then necrosis or would you rather inevitability
The plants dry out and they wilt and the earth begins again
So sew em on them wings
You spread your pretty things let your freedom flow
Put it in the c*ckpit fly fly away
Big birdy
Lovers will be slipping and sliding
Artists will be bopping and writing
Dreams will be streaking it's frightening
I gotta.. Kite on my house phone and its waiting on lightning
I mean..
I be waiting on phone calls like..
What are you on
You got my money?
I be tip toeing on ice
Should I just summarize?
The old is leaving
The new is incoming
Be prepared!'