Lyrics : About Love at 21

Ooo, yeah

I remember when it first happened and it felt like
Sweet tea, yeah, and a little honey
It was a breeze, yeah, a little bit sunny
And tears came our eyes, yeah
You was my honey
Baby, when we had no money

Ooo, I remember when you first touched my hand, boy
Ooo, I remember when I first heard my name up in your prayer, boy
Ooo, I remember when you first left me by myself, boy
Ooo, I kept on sinning when I became a saint, boy
Ooo, and when you came back inside my door
I couldn’t've been alarmed 'cause

Loving you
Loving you
Loving you, yeah
Loving you
It’s as mental as I'll ever be

You was breakin' your neck, your neck, your neck
Breakin' your back, your back, your back
Breakin' your neck
Your back gon' break
Just to try to get me back
To loving you