Lyrics : Story Time*

Lyrics From Snippet

Never forget, shoulda went on ya birthday
Think it was a Thursday
You was on that, I was on that bullsh*t
You was back home, from that school sh*t
Claimin’ that you miss me, but I ain’t tryna’ hear sh*t
Back to the story though, stop actin’ rhetorical
Everything I bought, take it back
You ain’t want it, no
Tell me everything that you want and you need to know
Unh, you left me, you keep cryin’, you left me
Girl, shut ya mouth, I still think that you sexy
You my main b*t*h, keep your neck lookin’ icy
n***a touch you, that n***a gotta fight me, for real
I know I don’t do everything that I say sometimes
I know I make promises, but I promise you mine
I know you no longer love me, but can you act this…