Lyrics : Worst Lyrics: Lil Wayne VS Big Sean

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Ken & Rap Critc:
We thought it would be cool if we did like you just of, I guess like one of your ideas the whole worst lyrics thing and just kind of- so made it like Dead End Hip Hop infused type of thing conversation

Rap Critic:
What do you guys want to do now, like. This is a Big Sean VS Lil Wayne and I was like

Myke C-Town
Who lyrics are worst. Because we didn't want to do exactly what you do

Rap Critc & Myke C Town:
Yeah, but um- Some kind of argument here one person is an obvious loser in this scenario. oh, you think? yes I do. Hold your opinon to the camera. Alright, alright

Alright everybody, welcome to another episode of Dead End Hip Hop. And we have a special guest joining us, it's the Rap Critic

Rap Critic:
Yo, it's the Rap Critic. Um, Google me at Rap Critic- I came up with my name before I knew there were other rap critics on the internet.
My Patreon is, yeah um.

Myke C-Town & Rap Critc
Dropping the money- I don't know I'm the Rap Critic, give me some motherf**king money. You pay me, b*t*h